OCAEP is proud to continue our Student Chapter at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). This Student Chapter is lead by our President, Carline Hua, and aided by the following student board members:

  • Renata Langis (Vice President) 
  • Ricardo Olea (Treasurer)
  • Sukhmani Brar  (Events Coordinator) 
  • Cristian Santana  (Marketing Chair) 
  • Alura Aguilera (Secretary) 
  • Anastasia Grant  (OCAEP Student Liason) 
  • Jason Huang (MURP Department Liason)
  • Don Kato (MURP Department Liason) 
  • Robin Luna (Inter-club Liaison)
  • Keenan Do (Undergraduate Liason)
  • Nina Franklin (Member Volunteer)
  • Kiana Grant (First-Year Chair)

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Upcoming Events

Be sure to regularly visit this page for information regarding future programs and special events.


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